Thursday, March 19, 2015

Its been quite a while so quite a few photos to upload.  Busy Busy Busy...
I am really chuffed with my new sewing machine cover, I used the squares I have collected from the Fair and Square exchanges over the years, plus a couple of my own squares.  

Doesn't Holmsey the Hare look great (The Year of the Hare), Jan, Feb and March are complete.  Just starting now on April, but that's a bit of a secret for now, but I have to say he does look Hansom.

I was lucky enough to receive a CM Design, Blossom and Sparkle for Christmas, I have finished Blossom, if you can see from the photo it has little crochet rosettes which CM Designs do sell but I made my own for this one.  Very pleased with how its turned out, now to start on Sparkle once I have finished the next installment of The Year of the Hare. 

Hopefully it wont be so long for the next post, keep well everybody. xxx