Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exchanges sent and received

I hope everybody is well, warm and happy.  I have been busy stitching two Halloween exchanges for two groups I am in.  I had great fun with these two, I also wanted to show the quilt I received from Gaynor, wonderful isnt it, its already hung up and not even close to Halloween yet, but its too nice to store away.

I have also had the honor of being asked to Model stitch for Gaynor who is in the process of starting up her own Design Business Stitchers Anon, its early days but she has already designed some gorgeous charts that are ready to send and stitch.  

For Cami

Received from Gaynor

For Gaynor

All the best everybody, until next time xxx


stitcheranon said...

I love my exchange is gorgeous!

cucki said...

So sweet x

Brigitte said...

Some great Halloween and exchange stitching!

Emma/Itzy said...