Monday, August 26, 2013

Mums Birthday xxx

Hope you are all well and happily stitching, its been a while since I posted, I think I got a bit fed up after looking all my photos, but time to move on.
It was my Son and Daughters Birthday this last month so I stitched up a few cards, also my Daughter shares her birthday with her Fiance and he has taken a liken to Tigers so stitched him a little one on his card, my Daughter is mad into her Marine aquarium so a Seahorse was appropriate.  I also made her a little sewing box as a pressy.
Its also My Mums birthday today so..

Happy Birthday Mum, we all miss you and hope you have a wonderful Day. 
Mum and Dad, they are the best....

The sewing box I made for my DD, I tried to give it a marine theme.

My Son in Law to be's card
My sons card, he has started to play the guitar, and really well too.

Hopefully my DD's house will come though soon so thought this appropriate as they will be doing lots of DIY ;-)

My DD Card

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fantastic Givaway

Nancy at Victorian Motto is having a fantastic giveaway to celebrate her Birthday, she has 100 prizes, head over to

for a look, and say I sent you lanybleu.