Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some finishes to show and a 3rd Tiger Stitched

Hi Everybody, hope you are all enjoying this sunny weather, I know we are here in Ireland, its quite a rarity so we are all making the most of it.
I have just finished stitching a 3rd Siberian Tiger Picture for my future Son in Law, he has admired the one I stitched for my Mum and the one I have on my wall for a long time now so I thought as, fingers crossed, they should be owning their first home shortly, I would stitch it as a moving in Pressy, it will be a while yet before they can finish the house and move in but it will be there waiting for when they do, he doesnt know about it yet so will be a surprise I hope.  
I have also managed to get up to date with my two Sals, Hal Baby and 80 Sts and last but not least my May Page for
I will try and get my photos back up which I lost, see last post, but might take me a while yet as I can see any easy way of doing it.  Keep well and happy stitching. xxx

Siberian Tiger 3/3

Hal Baby
Around the World in 80 Sts

May Page