Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have just found out that all my pics from my blog have gone!!!.

I found out that its something to do with Google+ not that I have ever used Google+ but somehow back in time I was signed up.

I did however try to use Google Drive to do some backup but with our upload speeds, so very slow, it wasnt worth waiting days to back up a few photos, so I deleted them, I did see that a lot of my stitching was up there and wondered how on earth it got there so got rid of everything and tried different ways of backing up.

So having looked at my blog today I saw little greyed out, what look to me like no entry signs, and did a little research on the web and found out that when I used google drive and because I was signed up to Google+ it put all my photos there, but I knew nothing of this and when I deleted the drive I deleted all my photos from my blog.

You are now saying why didnt I back up my blog,  I did.....  and reloaded but guess what, no photos, they have gone from my blog for good.  :-(

I do have most of them still on my pc so will in time hopefully get them all back up when I get over the shock.  BAD DAY.


stitcheranon said...

Your blog saves them on Picasso: go and have a peek on there and they may still be there. I had a similar experience....blooming glad I havent had time to update to Chrome; dont think I will bother lol: but dont give up hope Elaine: go and have a look on picasso xx

lanybleu said...

Thanks for your help but I have looked and only the photos I re uploaded last night are there. :-(

Will slowly try and get most of them back up, or might just start again and put it down to experience. Wouldnt mind but I always back up my blog before changing it, but that didnt make any difference.

Kaisievic said...

Oh dear, that is so dreadful! You must have felt so sick to your stomach when you realised. Good luck with it all.