Monday, March 4, 2013

A couple of SAL's finished

Hope you are all well and being really creative.  I have just finished a couple of SAL's, will miss them both, hopefully there will be more along the way to join in with.  The first is 'Confetti of Hardanger' designed by Abi  and run through The Stitch Specialist. I still have it to finish but cant yet make up my mind.

The second SAL finish I showed you last time but since then decided to finish it as a little bag to hold my threads on projects I am working on.  Very happy with how it turned out.

I found this little chart in my stash and spent a couple of really enjoyable days stitching.
 This next one is my February page for needleworkmastersmonthly SAL, each month we have to make a page with two different types of needlework or designers.
 I saw this little hummingbird pic on a blog whilst browsing one day and throught it would look gorgeous on my bedroom wall, so happy found out it was a little TW designs freebie so had to get stitching.

 My last stiching this month is 'Around the world in 80 Sts SAL'  its great working on this project each month.
 and Finally I had to show you my little fella Timmy having a great time running around the garden in the sunshine, and let me tell you it doesnt shine too often here lately so we had a lovely afternoon.

Happy crafting everybody, keep warm and safe.  xxxx