Friday, December 7, 2012

Lots of Snow

Well Christmas is coming, hope all your preparations are going well.  Its a great time for stitching isnt it, so many cute stuff to make for everybody.  I took part in an exchange here in Ireland, we all stitched the same freebie chart called 'Snow' and designed by 'My Big Toe Designs'  I have never stitched one of their designs before, I had a lot of fun with this one, will be back for more next year.

I received this gorgeous interpretation from Anne and my pressy is well hidden away until the big day.

This is the my version I sent to Anne.
I also partnered up with Gaynor who sent me this lovely version, There is a very cute little button and snowflake charm on there.  Thank you Gaynor..
This is Gaynors version I sent to her.  
We also sent little gifts to each other but those are stashed away for the big day, cant wait.  Now after all that swirly snow I have a few more pics to show you.

I also took part in a card swap with Friendly Stitches.  I received this gorgeous card from  Denise,  We also sent each other little charms or buttons, I got some cute snowmen from Denise. Thank you Denise.

This was a progressive exchange so my card went to Joyce, I also sent her some little  silver snowflakes. I took the chart for Santa from this years JCS Orny issue.

Finally I stitched thes little pillows just for gun to hang on my tree, I got this chart from this years issue of JCS Orny issue..

Have a wonderful build up to Christmas Everybody.
Take  care  xx


cucki said...

super cute stitching..and lovely card and gifts..
love xxx

stitcheranon said...

Brilliant. I love the way the cross stitch almost looks like a stamp with the deer. I am really pleased with the snow challenge..they all came out beautifully xx

Celeste said...

I love all of htese.... so awesome