Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Four finishes

I have three fiinishes I can show you as they have been received by their new owners. The first and third photo were for exchanges I have taken part in this last month.
This was an exchange I did with Friendly Stitchers, I took the chart from this months issue of TGOSM, 

I made this into a Fridge Magnet to stop me going in there for little snacks.  Works too, well so far.

This was for Renee in round 27 with Fair and Square, I took this chart from a sampler in the TGOSM
This is a finish I made for Nina for the Stitch Specialists first birtday.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Big Finish

This is a big finish, its still to frame but I wanted to show it off.  Its a Teresa Wentzler design called 'English Cottage Sampler'  You cant see from the photo but it is heavily beaded which shows off the design lovely.
Its taken me quite a few months to stitch but I loved every one of them.

If you like the scrapbooking program I use, see the side panel for a money off code, its a fantastic program to use.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have three finishes I can show you today, I have stitched a few more but cant show you those yet as they are for exchanges.  I love using My Memories Software to show off my work, its great fun.  If you want this program see the left hand side bar, there is a code for money off too.
This cushion, which I am so very pleased how it turned out, is a design called 'Lady Winter' designed by  Isabella Abbiati of The Primitive Hare.

I made this Ort bag from a design by Kirsten the editor of TGOSM Magazine,  I love these little bags, they come in so handy to hold all those little pieces of thread you are finished with instead of messing up where you are working.
I stitched this card for Nina, unfortunately its out there somewhere in the postal system, hope it arrives very soon.