Sunday, June 26, 2011

Siberian Gold Finally finished.

I have finally finished Siberian Gold, I got the kit from my DD for Mothers Day 2010 and started stitching it just about straight away, I wasn't stitching it full time but enjoyed every minute.  It was stitched on 16ct Aida and is fully stitched, not one missing, hopefully anyway.  There are 45746 stitches in the piece.
This is the second one of these I have made, the first was a gift for my Parents in 2006. Mum is crazy about Tigers so an Apt gift.
Its now framed and hung on the wall.

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RuthB said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful. But it seems that all your stitching is that way.

Just dropping by for inspiration for your F&S Round 25 squares :)