Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dog breed sampler

I was asked by my daughter to stitcher her a dog breed sampler for her new business 'Perfect Pooch Dog grooming parlour'  I finally finished the last dog yesterday and got the sampler framed today. There are 61 different breeds of dogs on there.

I am now going to start a SAL 'Spring Box by Thea of Victoria Sampler'  I am really looking forward to starting this box especially after stitching all those dogs.


Niina said...

So lovely! Your daughter must be very happy :)

Karen said...

Oh thats brilliant! she will be delighted with that. Good luck to her pooch parlour as well.
Where is it? I have a scruffy yorkie that needs his hair cutting.

Shari said...

wow!!!!!!! what an accomplishment....great job & I hope her shop does well!